75 Construction Tools Name and Uses With Pictures

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75 Construction Tools Name and Uses With Pictures

Construction Tools

Construction tools play an important role in any construction work as they provide a good finish and ease of work by reducing man work. There are different types of construction tools and equipment used in construction.

Building tools have their influence from ancient times to this period. Only the tools were used for scraping, cutting, chopping, hammering & moving in ancient times. But as development is being done in this time, there are very new construction tools, which work very well & very few people have requirements.

This article gives details about some basic construction tools names and pictures pdf

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Construction Tools List for Building Construction

Some important 75 construction tools name are listed below:

- Measurement Tape

- Trowel

- Concrete Mixer

- Sand screening machine

- Rubber Boots

- Gloves

- Bump Cutter/Screed

- Wooden Float/wooden rendering float

- Plumb Bob

- Wheel Barrow

- Head Pan

- Vibrator

- Line Level

- Framing Square

- Crow Bar

- Framing Hammer

- Hoe

- Torpedo Level

- Chisel

- Cordless Drill

- Safety Glass

- Block Plane / Jack Plane

- Polishers

- Measuring Box

- Tile Cutter

- Earth Rammer

- Vacuum Blower

- Flat Pry Bar

- Digging bar

- Hand Saw

- Measuring Wheel

- Circular Saw

- Ladder

- Putty Knife

- Bolster

- Boning rod

- Brick hammer

- Backhoe

- Binding Hook

- Bulldozer

- Bump Cutter / Screed

- Core Cutter Machine

- De-Watering Pump

- Dozer

- Drilling Machine

- Dumpers

- End Frames

- Excavator

- Forklift

- Grader

- Hand Drill

- Hand Vibrator

- Helmet

- Hoist

- Hydra Crane

- Scoop

- Jack Hammer

- Line and Pins

- Mixer Machine

- Pick Axe

- Pile Driller Machine

- Plumb Rule

- Wier Brush

- Rebound Hammer

- Road Header Machine

- Road Roller

- Safety Belt

- Scratchers

- Skid Steer Loaders

- Spade

- Sprit Level

- Straight Edge Brushes

- Tower Crane

- Trenchers Cutter

- Water Level

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1. Measurement Tape

Construction Tools Name and Their Uses with Pictures

Measuring Tape

Measuring tapes are the most common construction tool made of ribbon of cloth, fiberglass, or metal with proper linear-measurement markings for easy handling.


Measuring tapes are utilized to measure distance, either short or long. The engineer’s tape is designed to measure vast distances & it can more efficiently be carried in our toolkit or pocket.

2. Trowel

Construction Tools Name and Their Uses with Pictures

Construction Trowels

A hand tool utilized for smoothing, digging, applying, or moving mortar or concrete is a trowel.

Trowels construction tools are categorized into the following types and subtypes;

I) Brick-laying Trowels

- London trowel

- Philadelphia trowel

II) Masonry Trowels

- Pointing trowel

- Gauging trowel

- Margin trowel

III) Finishing Trowels

- Pool trowel

- Margin finishing trowel

- Duckbill trowel

- Magnesium float

IV) Brick-laying Trowels

Especially for building walls, the brick-laying trowels are mostly in use & are designed so that the whole production of mortar speeds up.

Following are two subtypes of brick-laying trowels;

London Trowel: London trowel is mostly used for laying the brick & it has a narrower heel.

Philadelphia Trowel: Philadelphia trowel is used explicitly for concrete block production since it has a wider heel.

V) Masonry Trowels

In masonry structures, masonry trowels construction tools are used in repair type of jobs in residential houses.

Pointing Trowel: For small spaces similar to replacing singular brick, the pointing trowel is used.

Gauging Trowel: The gauging trowel is widely used for getting around pipes & other tight areas.

Margin Trowel: The margin trowel appears in a kind of edges but is proper for filling mortar into cracks.

VI) Finishing Trowels

For smoothing the materials (i.e. cement & plaster), finishing trowels are mostly used.

A. Pool Trowel

In a swimming pool, a pool trowel is used to smoothen the curved edges.

B. Margin Finishing Trowel

Margin finishing trowel is the same as masonry trowel, but that margin finishing trowel is relatively more extensive than the masonry trowel.

It is a more proper choice for pouring a concrete floor

C. Duckbill Trowel

Duckbill Trowel is used to smooth out the materials tucked in compact spaces since it has a curved and long edge.

D. Magnesium Float

To obtain a more smooth & glossy finish, magnesium float pulls water to the cement’s surface.

3. Concrete Mixer

Construction Tools Name and Their Uses with Pictures

Concrete Mixer


A concrete mixer, frequently termed a cement mixer, is a machine that homogeneously mixes all the concrete ingredients, i.e., cement, aggregate, sand, gravel, and water, to develop a good quality concrete.

A standard concrete mixer adopts a revolving drum for mixing the ingredients. This is one of the most important construction tools.

4. Sand Screening Machine

The sand screening machine is one of the important construction tools to improve the quality of the sand on-site.

Construction Tools Name and Their Uses with Pictures

Sand Screening Machine


- In construction work, for sieving the sand, the sand screening machine is in use.

- For more easy separation of fine grain sand, sand is poured on the sieve & vibrates.

- Since only moist sand is available in many constructions, then, in that case, vibratory action is more advantageous.

5. Rubber Boots

Construction Tools Name and Their Uses with Pictures

Construction Safety Rubber Boots

Rubber Boots are self-protecting equipment for employers to prevent their skin from chemical or any hazardous contact.

It’s a legal obligation of an employer to take conscious steps to decrease the chance of accidents & to reduce the sharpness of injuries & damage if an accident should happen.

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6. Gloves

Construction Tools Name and Their Uses with Pictures

Hand Gloves

Construction workers’ hands are mostly exposed to various distinct hazards at the project site.

The glove can protect hands from chemicals, cuts, or burns & helps to do their respective job efficiently.

7. Bump Cutter/Screed

Construction Tools Name and Their Uses with Pictures

Construction Bump Cutter

Bump Cutter or Screed is principally made of wood & it is utilized for leveling the fresh concrete and providing a most proper smooth surface in a concrete slab.

8. Wooden Float/wooden Rendering Float

Construction Tools Name and Their Uses with Pictures

Wooden Float

Wooden float construction tools are used to provide a smooth finish to the plastered surface, a wooden float tool is used.

9. Plumb Bob

Construction Tools Name and Their Uses with Pictures

Plumb Bob

A plummet, or plumb bob, is simply a weight with a pointed tip on the bottom & hung from a string.

It is used as a plumb line, the standard verticle reference line, and one precursor to the spirit level.

A plummet is utilized to stabilize a vertical datum.

10. Wheel Barrow

Construction Tools Name and Their Uses with Pictures

Construction Wheel Barrow

A wheelbarrow acts as a carrier, typically having only one wheel, consisting of a plate bolted to two handles & two legs.


- Wheel Barrow Tool is utilized for transportation of cement mortar or concrete or any other material.

- In some cases, it is used for measuring the material’s quantity at the site where concrete is being prepared.

11. Head Pan

Construction Tools Name and Their Uses with Pictures

Head Pan

A Head Pan is used to transport materials like excavated soil, cement, concrete, etc., from one place to another at a working site.

The Head Pan is usually made of iron & generally used at construction places.

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12. Vibrator

A concrete vibrator tool is mostly used at concrete pouring sites.

The vibrator is adopted to assure that the pour is free of air bubbles, plus it is equal, which serves to eliminate the honeycombed situation.

The vibrations make the dough liquefy, decreasing the internal friction of the mixed components of cement, sand, aggregate, and water.

The standard efficient compaction of concrete can be done by using vibrators with various speeds of vibration.

Following are the different types of concrete vibrators,

- Needle Vibrator

- Extended or Shutter Vibrator

- Surface Vibrator

- Vibrating Table

A) Needle Vibrator

Construction Tools Name and Their Uses with Pictures

Needle Vibrators

They are the most commonly used vibrator for concrete, which mainly consists of a steel tube.

A needle vibrator is the most suitable choice to work on any concrete.

B) Extended or Shutter Vibrator

Construction Tools Name and Their Uses with Pictures

Extended or shutter vibrator

The Shutter vibrators are suitably clamped to the formwork horizontally & vertically at a proper spacing in either direction.

The external vibrators are frequently utilized for precast thin in-situ sections of that shape & thickness as internal vibrators can’t compact them.

C) Surface Vibrator

Construction Tools Name and Their Uses with Pictures

Surface Vibrator

For getting a more leveled & durable concrete surface, a surface vibrator is used to compact the concrete.

That surface vibrator is designed to provide optimum vibration and durability and is situated directly on the concrete mass.

These are an excellent choice for compaction of shallow elements & should not be applied when the depth of concrete to be vibrated is greater than 250 mm.

D) Vibrating Table

Construction Tools Name and Their Uses with Pictures

Vibrating Table

A vibrating table is mainly used for precast members like curbstone, concrete pavers, dewatering cover, different fences, sewer cover, etc.

It can 100% discharge the air within the concrete & fasten cement and other material like sand, and stone particle mix; this will provide a greater hardness of the final products, which is ideal.

These are rigidly constructed steel platforms installed on steel springs & driven by electric motors.

The concrete is poured into molds mounted on the platforms & securely clamped to the vibrating table to mold & concrete vibrate in joining.

13. Line Level

Construction Tools Name and Their Uses with Pictures

Line Level

Line Level is one of the smaller construction tools used for checking straight horizontal levels in the following mentioned works;

- Plastering work

- Brickwork

- Flooring work

- Plumbing work

- Tile work

14. Framing Square

Construction Tools Name and Their Uses with Pictures

Framing Square

It is generally an L-shaped, two-foot framing square, which is also called a “carpenter’s square” or a “steel square.”

That framing square tool is used in plastering work, Brickwork for checking the right angle.

It is also used for marking the angles for cuts used in building framing, especially in stair stringers, roof rafters, and various other cuts or angles apart from 90°

With the help of framing square, some roof measurement data can measure alike:

- Rafter lengths

- Roof pitch or slope

- Stair stringer cuts

- End cuts

- Braces lengths & other construction measurements

15. Crow Bar



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