30+ Different Types of Bricks for Home

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Bricks are a daily size rectangular unit. Bricks are made from clay. they’re differing Types of Brick used for many of the building works. Bricks are mostly used as a substitute for stone when the stone isn’t available.

Different Types of Bricks for Houses

Brick is a crucial construction material which generally available in rectangular shape manufactured from clay. they’re very fashionable from the olden days to modern days due to low cost and sturdiness.

Types of Brick utilized in Construction:
Different types of brick are utilized in masonry construction like supported material, quality, building process, location, the purpose of use and shape etc.

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Types of Bricks utilized in Construction:

A. Types of Bricks supported Quality:

1. First-class Brick
2. Second Class Brick
3. Third Class Brick

B. Types of Bricks supported Building Process:

1. Unburnt Bricks
2. Burnt Bricks
3. Over Burnt or Jhama Bricks

C. Types of Bricks supported Manufacturing Method:

1. Extruded Brick
2. Molded Brick
3. Dry Pressed Brick

D. Types of Bricks supported Raw Materials:

1. Burnt Clay Brick
2. ash Clay Brick
3. Concrete Brick
4. Sand-lime Brick
5. Fire Bricks

E. Types of Brick supported Using Location

1. Facing Brick
2. Backing Brick

F. Types of Bricks supported Weather-resisting Capability:

1. Severe Weather Grade
2. Moderate Weather Grade
3. No Weather Grade

G. Classification of Bricks supported Their Using:

1. Common Bricks:
2. Engineering Bricks:

G. Types of Brick supported Shape:

1. Bull Nosed Brick
2. Air Brick
3. Channel Bricks
4. Cow Nose Brick
5. Capping Bricks
6. Brick Veneers
7. Curved Sector Bricks
8. Hollow Bricks
9. Paving Bricks
10. Perforated Bricks
11. Purpose Made Bricks

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