26 Construction Vehicle Names and Pictures

26 Construction Vehicle Names and Pictures

The Mechanical equipment of various designs, as well as types, are necessary for construction work to meet the nature of the activity. Previously, different types of equipment were necessary for a single job, but now a one piece of equipment may perform multiple tasks.

Due to the complexity of a project, a lack of skilled as well as efficient manpower, a project involving the managing of huge quantities of earth materials, meeting timelines, and so on, it is not always possible for the contractor performing construction work to own every type of construction equipment needed for the completion.

Nevertheless, depending on an equipment’s usability, it can be purchased or rented. It is more cost-effective to purchase equipment if it will be utilized frequently and for a lengthy period of time.

On the other hand, if the equipment is only required rarely and for a limited period of time, it is more cost-effective to rent it.

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Construction Vehicles names include tools, machinery, and vehicles that are specifically created to carry out construction projects, the majority of which include earthwork activities.

The equipment that can be utilized can either be a conventional type that could be utilized in a variety of situations or even a special type that meets a project’s needs.

Effective utilization of proper equipment contributes towards the Project’s economy, quality, safety, speed, as well as timeliness. Every construction project requires the usage of construction equipment.

This may not be desirable or affordable for a Contractor to possess all of the Construction Equipment needed for a Project.

A building project’s success is totally dependent on the mechanical equipment selected. The task may be finished in a short period of time and at a lower cost if the right equipment is used.

In fact, having easy access to efficient mechanical equipment is a valuable benefit for any civil engineering project.

The excavation, digging huge quantities of earth, moving it over great distances, placing, compacting, leveling, dozing, grading, hauling, and so on are the main processes involved in the building of every project.

The following points will help you to understand the importance of machines in the building.

- The use of Construction machinery, enables work to be finished quickly.

- The project’s cost is decreased.

- A fewer number of laborers is necessary to complete the project.

- Excavation work may be completed quickly with the use of a power shovel, drag line, and other equipment. The output has also increased.

- Machinery such as trucks, wagons, as well as Dumpers are necessary for the transportation of construction materials.

- The heavy loads lifting equipment, such as a tower crane, winch, as well as elevator, is necessary.

- Utilizing construction equipment results in greater construction quality.The lining machine, for instance, is used to spreading concrete, compact it, and finish it.

- The bituminous roads cannot be finished or rolled without rollers.

- Concrete mixing as well as transportation are also helped by construction machinery.

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The list of construction vehicle names and pictures is as follows,

- Bulldozer

- Trencher

- Backhoe Loader

- Excavator

- Harvester

- Boom Lift

- Single Man Lift

- Forklift

- Scissor Lift

- Asphalt Paver

- Drum Roller

- Compactor

- Telehandler

- Skidder

- Wheel Tractor-scraper

- Cold Planer

- Skid Steer Loader

- Feller Buncher

- Motor Grader

- Compact Track and Multi-Terrain Loader

- Carry Deck Crane

- Articulated Hauler

- Knuckleboom loader

- Off-highway Truck

- Towable Light Tower

- Forwarder

1. Bulldozer

26 Construction Vehicle Names and Pictures


- The bulldozer is among the more well-known and widely used construction equipment.It is indeed among the most powerful equipment, and it looks like a tractor with a massive blade in front of it.

- The metal blade is capable of driving a variety of materials, including waste, sand, and dirt.

- The Bulldozers are equipment which are typically used to cut and push material across short distances.

- They are made up of a tractor with such a front-mounted blade that is operated by hydraulic cylinders to adjust its cutting depth as well as rate of leveling based on a material and use.

2. Trencher

26 Construction Vehicle Names and Pictures


Trenchers are highly versatile construction equipment that can be used for a variety of purposes. Trenchers are available in a variety of models and sizes, ranging from small, walk-up trenchers to heavy machines.

It is popular due to its flexibility. Trenchers are utilized to provide drainage, lay pipelines, dig trenches, as well as prepare for trench warfare.

There are different types of trenchers,

Chain Trenchers

- Chain trenchers are made up of two parts: a digging chain as well as a track trencher.They are utilized to cut the ground as well as create deep, narrow trenches.

Wheel Trenchers

- In wheel trenchers, a toothed metal wheel is utilized.Throughout road maintenance, they are utilized to cut pavements.The wheel trenchers are used by construction organizations to obtain access to under-road services.

Micro Trenchers

- Whenever construction work in urban areas is required, micro trenchers are utilized.

3. Backhoe Loader

26 Construction Vehicle Names and Pictures

Backhoe Loader

Backhoes are similar to tractors in appearance, however, they are much unique. The backhoe loader is a type of heavy construction machinery that comprises a tractor-like unit with such a shovel/bucket on a front as well as a backhoe on the rear.

The backhoe loaders can handle a wide range of landscaping tasks, including digging up trees as well as transporting them to new locations with keeping a root ball intact. It can also be used to move boulders, gravels, and rocks, as well as to move dirt and push topsoil into position.

It can even be utilized to build irrigation ditches to maintain the landscape irrigated as well as healthy throughout the year.

4. Excavator

26 Construction Vehicle Names and Pictures


Excavators, which are commonly referred to as heavy construction equipment, are also crucial on a construction site. At any construction site, the most important and primary activity is excavation. Among the most valuable construction equipment is an excavator.

The bucket, cab, dipper, and boom mounted on a moving platform make up an excavator. A house is constructed on top of a tracked or wheeled undercarriage. They are available in a variety of sizes, the smallest of which are known as compact excavators.

For excavating holes, foundations, as well as trenches, excavators are utilized. Because hydraulic hammers are present, they are more effective as well as efficient than any other excavating equipment.

They are utilized in nearly every industry, including river dredging, demolition, construction, forestry, mining, material handling, and simply lifting heavy objects.

5. Harvester

26 Construction Vehicle Names and Pictures


A harvester is a machine used to collect grain as well as other agricultural crops. The equipment is efficient for agriculture projects by combining reaping, winnowing, and threshing, into one procedure. This helps in the separation of straw from a crop itself, reducing manual work for farmers.

26 Construction Vehicle Names and Pictures

6. Boom Lift

The boom lifts can reach both horizontally and vertically. For outdoor operations, industrial tasks, including building projects, are useful pieces of equipment. The boom lifts have a greater reach than scissor lifts but a smaller work platform.

Boom lifts make it easier than ever to access difficult locations and heights. It gives a safer approach to getting work done at any elevation than a traditional ladder or man lift by providing a more secure workplace at high heights.

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7. Single Man Lift

26 Construction Vehicle Names and Pictures

Single Man Lift

A man lift was invented to move employees between floors of under-construction buildings. The man lifts typically have four wheels and can maneuver throughout construction sites.

This equipment, however, is often stationary as well as must be moved on the trailer.

The manlifts use a bending crane system with hydraulic pumps to elevate the bucket into which workers stand while transporting. A construction lift is excellent for every project that requires access to high altitudes.

8. Forklift

26 Construction Vehicle Names and Pictures

Fork Lift

The forklift is powerful construction equipment. The forklift equipment can be used to transfer materials across short distances. They are utilized to transport large goods around a construction site or even a warehouse.

It helps in the lifting as well as transportation of items that are too heavy for a person to lift. The forklifts have become essential equipment on all job sites.

The scissor lifts, like boom lifts, are aerial working platforms that are used to raise employees. The scissor lifts can be electric or powered by an engine.

9. Scissor Lift

26 Construction Vehicle Names and Pictures

Scissor Lift

When a quieter work environment is required, electric scissor lifts are employed, however engine-powered lifts compromise silence for rough terrain mobility. The jacking system raises scissor lift buckets.

10. Asphalt Paver

26 Construction Vehicle Names and Pictures

Asphalt Paver

The asphalt paver is equipment that is utilized to lay asphalt. A dump truck supplies asphalt into the paver, which is then distributed over the required area before being semi-packed down and totally leveled by a roller

26 Construction Vehicle Names and Pictures

11. Drum Roller

26 Construction Vehicle Names and Pictures

Drum Roller

The drum rollers are being used to compress asphalt, dirt, as well as other lightweight materials. Generally, this equipment is found at road construction spots. The smooth rollers and Padfoot rollers are the two types of drum rollers.

The smooth rollers give static pressure on loose materials as well as utilize vibration to compress them. The Padfoot rollers generally called Sheepsfoot rollers, produce manipulative force as well as static pressure and vibration, enabling uniform compaction.

12. Compactor

26 Construction Vehicle Names and Pictures


If the soil is not compacted properly, the foundation may erode, resulting in pipe breakage, leaks, as well as slab cracks. These issues can lead to structural collapse as well as an unnecessarily high maintenance cost.

The building will be better if the foundation is good. As a result, the compactor is extremely crucial construction equipment for soil compaction. The compactor is essential construction equipment, regardless of the size of the project.

There are several types of compactors. To create compact bales, a baler-wrapper compactor is utilized, the trash compactor is equipment that compresses rubbish into a smaller volume, the vibrating plate compactor is utilized in difficult-to-reach locations, Smooth rollers are utilized throughout road construction, and so on. The more popular type of compactor is smooth rollers.

13. Telehandler

26 Construction Vehicle Names and Pictures


In the construction and mining sectors, telehandlers are among the highly versatile kinds of hydraulic lifting machinery. To manage a variety of hoisting tasks, the equipment has a lifting attachment that is connected with a telescoping boom.

The modern handlers combine the task of a crane, forklift, as well as work platform into a single unit with such a wide range of capacities. To fulfill a variety of uses, the telescopic boom may have extended both forward as well as upward from the chassis.

14. Skidders

26 Construction Vehicle Names and Pictures


The skidders are typically employed in logging operations. This forest equipment cut trees and then transfer them to the landing site where it will be placed into the vessel for transportation.

The skidders often pull logs to a loading point, in contrast to forwarders, which transport logs only a few inches over the ground.

15. Wheel Tractor-scraper

26 Construction Vehicle Names and Pictures

Wheel Tractor Scraper

The wheel tractor-scraper is indeed a type of heavy earth moving equipment used in civil engineering. The heavy machinery features a rear hopper that moves vertically and has a sharp edge for leveling the ground.

A front-end host has a sharp edge for cutting earth as well as a carpenter’s plane for cutting timber. The two tools operate together to fill the hopper as well as carry any debris that has been removed from a clear area.



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