175 Top Civil Engineer Interview questions asked in Top Companies | Civil Engineering Interview Question and Answers

Here’s a list of 175 important civil engineering interview questions and answers to ensure your success in the next interview,

Civil Engineer Interview

1. How do you measure the volume of concrete?

The volume of concrete is calculated by Multiplying its Length, Width, and Thickness together. For Example — 1m x1m x1m = 1 m³ of volume of concrete.

2. Why Concrete Cover is provided for reinforcement?

Concrete cover for reinforcement is required to protect the rebar against corrosion and to provide resistance against fire.

3. How to do check level on construction site?

I will check the level on the construction site by Spirit level, Dumpy Level, and Leveling Pipe.

4. What is the accuracy of the dumpy level or minimum reading we can take?

With the help of a dumpy level, we can take up 5mm accurate reading or minimum reading.

5. How do you calculate the weight of 12m long and 10mm dia. Steel on-site?

Its simple,

By multiplying the length of the steel bar with its unit weight

(unit wt of 10mm = 0.60 kg/m)

Weight of steel = 0.60x 12

= 7.2 kg

8. Which is the equation used for calculating the unit weight of the steel bar?


9. What is the size of a concrete cube?

15 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm

10. What do you do if any concrete cube fails in 28 days compressive strength test?

If the concrete cube fails in the strength test, I will conduct a core cutter test on concrete and send a report to higher authorities.

11. What is the mix ratio for M — 20 Grade of concrete?

1. What are the steps involved in Building Construction?

There are different steps involved in Building construction like,

- Concreting

- Masonry work

- Plastering work

- Flooring work

- Formwork

- Steel cutting and Bending

- Plumbing Work

- Electrical Work

For M20, the Mix ratio is 1: 1.5: 3

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11. What is the Unit weight of 12 mm Steel Bars.

0.89 kg/m

12. What is the Density of Steel?

7850 kg/m³

13. In Fe — 415 Steel Grade, 415 indicates the___________of Steel.

Tensile Strength

14. What is the Volume of 50 kg bag of cement?

0.035 m³

15. In Residential Building, Average Value of Stair Width?

900 mm

16. The Slope of Stair Should not Exceed.


17. Minimum diameter of steel in Column.

12 mm

18. Standard Size of Brick?

19 cm x 9 cm x 9 cm

19. What is Unit Weight of RCC?

2500 kg/ m³

20. One Acre = ____________Sq. ft.

43560 Sq. ft.

21. What is the Full Form of UTM?

Universal Testing Machine

22. Cement Expire After?

3 month

23. One square meter = _________ Sq. ft?

10.76 Sq. ft

24. What is unit weight of 25 mm Steel Bars

3.85 kg/m

25. One Hectare = _______Acres

2.47 Acres

26. One Gallon = ________Liters

3.78 Liters

27. One kilonewton is equal to _________ kilograms

101.97 KG

28. One Tonne is equal to _________ kilograms

1000 KG

29. Maximum Free fall of concrete allowed is______?

1.5 m

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Civil Engineering Interview Question and Answers

30. Instrument used for level work on a construction site?

Dumpy Level

31. Minimum Bars in Circular Column Should be_______

6 Nos.

32. What is the Full Form of AAC?

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

33. What is the Full Form of NDT?

Non — Destructive Test

34. What is the Full Form of JCB?

Joseph Cyril Bamford

35. Which Test is conducted to determine the bearing capacity of Soil?

Plate Load Test

36. Ring and ball test is conducted on which construction material?


37. Minimum hook length as per IS Code?

Ans: 75 mm

38. What is the extra length in Bent up bars?


39. What is Least Count of Dumpy?


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40. What is Full of EGL?

Existing ground level.

41. A First Class Brick Should Absorb Water More than?

20 %

42. Number of Bricks used in 1 Cubic meter of Brickwork?

500 Nos.

43. The Normal Consistency of Portland Cement?

25 %

44. The Expansion in Portland cement is tested by…

Soundness Test

45. According to IS Code, Full Strength of Concrete is achieved after?

28 Days

46. What is the Volume of 1 bag of cement?

0.035 m³

47. Minimum Grade of Concrete Used For RCC?

M — 20

48. Cement Expire After?

3 month

49. What is the Full Form of DPR?

Detailed Project Report

50. What is the initial and final setting time for cement?

Initial: Less than 30 min and 600 min.

Civil Engineering Interview Question and Answers

51. What are the Responsibilities of a Construction Manager in the project?

Responsibilities of a Construction Manager in the project

- Supervising the construction Site.

- Estimate the proper cost of the project

- Purchasing the materials required for construction before work begins.

- Purchasing the materials required for construction before work begins.

- Analyzing the proposals.

- Construction Scheduling & Monitoring

52. What can be the potential risk factors for workers on the construction site?

Following are the risk factors for workers, for not following the safety protocols:

- Risk to fall from height

- Failure Scaffold and Trench

- Change of Electric shock and arc blast

- Motion injuries

53. What you know about Hybrid Foundation

Hybrid Foundation is used to reduce the amount of settlement in high rise building, which contains both soils supported mat and piles.

54. What are the different ways of demolition?.

Demolition is commonly done through Hydro-demolition, Dismantlingand Pressure Bursting.

55. Explain Floating Slab Foundation?

Type of mat foundation having the hollow mat formed by the grid of thick reinforced concrete walls between two thick reinforced concrete slabs is termed as Floating Slab Foundation.

56. Explain what is flashing?

Joints in a building can be sealed and protected from water penetration through extended construction called as Flashing. It can be installed at the walls and parapets.

57. State different types of roof systems?

Following are the types of roof system,

- Slate or Stone roofs

- Wood shingle roofs

- Metal roofing systems

58. What can be the phase inspections done by local authority while construction?

Various inspections during the construction includes,

- Inspection of Site

- First or pre-construction Inspection

- Inspection of Foundation before placing of concrete

- Framing inspection

- Insulation inspection is done after insulation

- Lastly, the final inspection is done after the completion of the construction

59. State out some of the Inspections, done after the completion of construction?

Listed are some of the checking or inspection is done on the exterior side of the construction is,

- Storm sewer system

- Safety provision (terraces, porches, areaways)

- Accessory buildings

- Drainage

- Retaining wall

- Compaction of fill material

- Caulking at opening

- Pavement edging

- Protection against moisture penetration

- Design of dwelling structure

60. Alternate Bid is______?

An alternate bid is a proportion stated in the bid to be subtracted or summed from the base bid amount. Alternate materials or methods of construction force Alternate bids are to be proposed.

61. Explain the Order of Change request?

Change order request is a written document given by the owner, requesting an adjustment to the contract sum or an extension of the contract time. It can be issued by the architect or owners representative.

62. What are the components covered within Construction Cost?

Materials required, labor expense, equipment and services, contractor’s overhead, and profit are covered under the estimated construction cost While compensation or salary paid to the architect, consultant, or engineers, cost of the land, and other costs that is owner’s responsibility is not covered in it.

63. What does the Critical Path Method (C.P.M) mean?

It (CPM) is a strategy along with the method of representing the respective tasks and activities to be involved in the construction with respect to a symbolic diagram.

64. Explain the term is Demising Wall?

Demising wall act as a boundary that separates your land or house from neighbor’s house or property.

The Significance of the labor and material payment bond is if the contractor fails to pay for all labor, materials, equipment’s or services in accordance with the contract, he or she will guarantee payment to the owner under this bond. Hence It is a bond between the owner and the main contractor.

66. Explain what is progress payment?

A progress payment is a payment done by the owner to the contractor in parts after the completion of a certain amount of construction. Technically it is a difference between the completed work and material stored and a pre-determined schedule of values or unit costs.

67. What is a Structural Frame or Systems?

Beams and columns form load-bearing assembly on a foundation called Structural frames. However, the columns and beams are mostly fabricated off-site and can be assembled on site.

68. Explain the concept “release of lien“?

Documentation executed by any individual or firm in the availability of supplying labor, material, or professional service on a project, which will release its mechanic’s lien against the project property.

69. What is an Architect-Prepared Contract?

A contract is an agreement prepared by the architect between the owner and himself which is further reviewed by an attorney before its execution is an architect -Prepared Contract. It is a legal contract with all terms and conditions including adequate legal protection offered for both parties.

70. What 1/8 on the architect ruler indicate?

1/8 on the architect ruler is a scale that converts 1/8 inch onto the drawing to 1 foot. Its representation will be a drawing with a scale of 1/8”= 1 foot.

71. What are software programs that can be used by architects?

The list of software programs is as follows:

- AutoCAD

- 3DS Max

- Sketchup

- Photoshop

- Adobe creative suites

- Microsoft office

- Digital Media

- Their use is based on the type of architectural project.

72. Explain what are the skills required for a good architect?

Conceptual understanding related to designing models,

- Basic knowledge of computer and architectural software programs

- Various Engineering abilities

- General and Bussiness aptitude

- Knowledge about 3D model Designs

73. What things architects have to take care of before starting any project?

- The owner has to have proper planning permission for the building to be constructed.

- Whether the certain listed grade is approved or not

- Basic Knowledge is required of building appliances and materials that are costly. Environment care should be taken while construction

74. What are different dimension tools in CAD?

For accessing CAD dimension tools one must go to CAD>Dimensions. The wide range of dimension tools is listed below:

- Manual dimensions

- Interior dimensions

- Point to point dimensions

- Display temporary dimensions moving objects using dimensions

- Auto exterior dimensions

- Auto interior dimensions

- End to end dimensions

75. What are the most helpful and best engineering Apps?

Some of the best apps for civil engineering are,

- Sketchbook

- Photoshop Express

- Flipboard

- Evernote


- Dropbox

- Instagram

- Houzz

- AutoCAD Ws

- Magic Plan

76. What are Wooden Shingles?

Slats or sheets rectangular in shapes that are nailed to the exterior surface are called wooden shingles. The shingling method is a traditional weatherproofing method for building.

77. What could be the common problems that architect has to tackle?

Common problems faced by architecture are,

- The client would sometimes not be able to know what they want that is when the architect will face problems in designing the structure.

- When budget is limited

- When the requirement of the customer is custom design at standard design cost

- When an architect is provided with less space to work

78. What is the standard roof height like to be?

The standard height of the roof can be one or two stories tall. If you do not need to make the roof taller and yet you won’t make it look bigger from outside, you can use a mansard roof containing multiple floors. Pitch is adjusted so as to give a bigger look.

79. List the types of roofs used?

Types of Roofs are as listed below,

- Gull wind roof

- Mansard roof

- Bell cast roof

- Sawtooth roof

- Monitor roof, etc.

- Half hipped roof

- Dutch gable roof

- Skillion roof

- Gambrel roof

80. List out the problems one might be facing while having a Cantilever balcony?

Cantilever balconies are unsupported and extend in an outward direction, so the problems with Cantilever balconies are as such;

- Excess amount of deflection or bounce

- Weakness of the deck structure is liable

- Water damage to the interior of the house along with rotting is caused.




Bhushan Mahajan who himself is a Civil Engineer by profession is also the main author and maintains the civiconcepts.com website himself.

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Mike Mahajan

Mike Mahajan

Bhushan Mahajan who himself is a Civil Engineer by profession is also the main author and maintains the civiconcepts.com website himself.

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